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Outline Drawings

. Welcome to the Outline Drawing Home page. These drawings are provided as a convenience to our customers. Using these files will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information and the latest revision of these devices.

About the Outline Drawings
The Outline drawings are provided in two formats: .exe and .tif.

The .exe files are self-extracting zip files created from the .dxf files. They are smaller than the .dxf files and the download time will be shorter.

The .tif files are for viewing and plotting only. They are not vector images and the geometry can not be modified. To read the details on large drawings, the .tif files will require the use of a third party viewer. For further information on viewers please click here.

Browse the Outline Drawings
Browse from a list of all the outline drawings. Use the search below to find a specific drawing. Be sure to indicate the type of search you want. You can also choose a drawing from this drop-down list.

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